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The perfect recipe for your personalized mortgage experience.
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what we do

Curating your perfect mortgage


Never question where you are in the mortgage process; customized updates from beginning to close will keep you and your home buying team informed at all time


Starting with a mortgage analysis, together we will determine what product will serve you best; often saving clients thousands in both the short and long term.


Committed and knowledgeable loan officers that work on your behalf even when challenges arise, bringing our expertise and providing support to throughout the mortgage process.


Just some of the ways we can serve you


Are you thinking about buying your next dream home, a vacation home, or an investment property?  We have a proven purchase process to make things easy as pie (as they say).

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Are you trying to capitalize on the current interest rates, consolidate high-interest debt, or eliminate mortgage insurance? We have a proven refinancing process to make things easy as pie (as they say).

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See what others are saying about Dierlam Group


January 2021
Victoria TX
What made this experience so great was constant communication. I was NEVER left in the dark, I knew everything that was happening each & everyday with dates & times. They do so much to not only help the buyer, but help the buyers get ahead & with great numbers. I would refer any & everybody to do business with them. They helped me when Rocket couldn’t & they told me they were the best, but in fact Brittanie & her team & web of connections are the best hands down. Thank you guys so much!!!


January 2021
Missouri City, TX
What I appreciated most is the patience this team extended to me. I hoped for a certain interest rate but had unexpected medical bills taint my credit score. She could have pushed me to move forward with the original rate offered or even encourage me not to refinance. Instead, she worked with me to improve my credit and get the interest rate I hoped for. She’s kind, persistent, and listens. You can’t go wrong with Brittanie or her team. Thank you again Brittanie for such a pleasant experience!


December 2021
Palacios, TX.
From the beginning of this transaction to the end Brittanie was in constant communication with all parties. Each hurdle and issue was dealt with professionally and courteously. Once closing was scheduled (quicker than we thought possible) Brittanie was there in person to answer all questions from the buyers and even some from the title agent!